Cultivated from our organic farm
Safe from all harmful ingredients
Nature is the Future
Healthy is not a trend, it is a lifestyle.

Our story began with Dr.Ha’s intention to soothe skin conditions in children, the journey had led her to new discoveries in botanical healing. Intrigued by the self-healing properties of plants, Dr.Ha started growing her organic herbal farm and established Dr.HASKIN company to improve the way we treat our skin.

We Grow and Harvest

Unique Formulas and Innovative Manufacturing

Through extensive research and experiments conducted using plants harvested directly from our farm, we discovered new efficacy and ingredients to develop unique formulas intended to deliver the best results possible.

We Craft with Care

Invested Efforts in Harvesting and Extracting

At our institute, herbs are organically grown, hand-harvested and specially processed into hydrosol (floral water). Its nourishing benefits made it a finer alternative to purified water. By incorporating hydrosol into our unique formula, we are able to achieve premium quality products with naturally-derived luxurious scents.

We are Committed to You

Consistently Striving For The Best

Because consumers seek products that deliver results, we are determined to satisfy that demand by cultivating the highest quality ingredients and developing new formulas for skin remedies.


Three Steps Hydrosol Concentration Process

Our hydrosol is rich in herbal concentrate through a process unique to Dr.HASKIN. All of our products contain hydrosol as key ingredient to substitute artificial fragrance, help retain moisture and deeply nourish the skin.

Retained Essential Oils

Essential oils are preserved as part of the hydrosol for its skin-nourishing properties.

Minimized Loss of Active Ingredients

Exclusive use of water vapor in the extraction process helps minimize transmutation of herb and loss of active ingredients.

Purification Process

Through specialized techniques, we are able to achieve an extract as pure as water but with natural scent and moisturizing attributes.